Untitled Work for Voice

new work // 2018


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Photos by Liz Charky

Untitled Work for Voice is a backstage musical; a show about a show whose production is never seen in completion. Five performers breathe sound and form into space, causing histories and narratives to appear and rupture. Singing bodies give way to vibration, unravelling the tightly choreographed music of American desire.

I will define my “we,” as the inheritors of white America, with our interwoven histories of coercion, direct compliance, and passive complicity: 

Are we capable of embodying a narrative, which acknowledges genocide, enslavement, dominance and appropriation as a basis for everything we know?  What would this feel and sound like?  How can we implicate our cultural patterns of yearning, catharsis, and individualism in order to forge an illicit future?  This multifaceted “theater of the singing body” is in search of a new expressive landscape.

Collaborators: Emily Moore, Marisa Clementi, Jules Skloot, Pareena Lim