Garment of the Interior

a work-in-development

Wednesday, November 16th 2022, choreographer and composer Tatyana Tenenbaum continues her 2022 ISSUE residency with Garment of the Interior, a first public sharing of a new project that emerges from a decade of research into the continuum between voice and movement. The performance will take place at Brooklyn Music School.

Directed by Tatyana Tenenbaum; performed and co-created by Maria Bauman, Marisa Clementi, rebeca medina and Myssi Robinson. Visual design by Myssi Robinson.

Vibration anchors us in the practice of atunement and witnessing. Through the channeling of multiple lineages, our work seeks to make visceral and audible the complex terrains of our bodies as we construct inner and outer landscapes.

Our collective breath emerges from the utterance and continues through incantations that sculpt the space. We arrive deeper through the poetry of our bodies—creating dance from the smallest vibrations of a hum organically unfurling into full-bodied action, stimulating space with textile manipulation, and re-configuring our voices with live electronics.

Collaborators at large – Jules Skloot, Hadar Ahuvia and Saúl Ulerio.

Support for the fall 2022 rehearsals of Garment of the Interior was made possible by a YoungArts Microgrant. This project will continue beyond the ISSUE Project Room residency, including through residencies at Oberlin Conservatory of Music and Lawrence University in 2023.

Excerpt of our work-in-progress showing at Brooklyn Music School presented by ISSUE Project Room:

Excerpt featuring Tatyana Tenenbaum and Maria Bauman

2021 Residency at Mount Tremper Arts:

Featuring Maria Bauman, Jules Skloot and Pareena Lim