Collaboration with Hadar Ahuvia

Together we search for imagined evolutions without rupture, for poetry with weight, for a future grounded in past insight, for foresight.

Long tones in the days of omer (2022); photo: Lucas Lind Curtesy of Issue Project Room

Our work is an equal artistic collaboration that makes space for repairing our jewishness within the ongoing wreckage of colonialism. It is a prying open of our Jewish diasporic histories and ‘folklore’. For Hadar it is the collectivist Zionist project and its culture, song and dance; for Tatyana, her grandparents work as Broadway producers, sewing seeds of the American dream through musical theater.  We are examining how our Ashkenazi families participated in projects that, though seemingly disparate, share an ideological root—the acceptance of the supremacy of the West and its advance. Together we search for imagined evolutions without rupture, for poetry with weight, for a future grounded in past insight, for foresight.



Upcoming & Past

Long tones in the days of omer at ISSUE Project Room show notes
Co-presented by ISSUE Project Room and New Jewish Culture Fellowship
Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn. June 2, 2022

Prayer of the Morning at LaMaMa Moves! Dance Festival
Livestream presentation with talkback  video pw: prayer
La MaMa’s Ellen Stewart Theater, NYC May 2021

Prayer of the Morning: Embodied Sound Practices for Diasporic Davening Zoom workshop by New Jewish Culture Fellowship
Friday mornings Jan-Feb, 2021

Prayer of the Morning: Residency & Showing video
A.P.E. Gallery and School for Contemporary Dance & Thought
Northampton, MA. Jan 13-16, 2021

You and I: Residency & Showing
Center at Westpark, NYC. January 20 – Feb 2, 2020

You and I: Residency & Showing video
Movement Research at Mount Tremper Arts, Phoenecia, NY. June 2019.

Duet at Dance ROULETTE curated by Jennifer Lafferty
Roulette Intermedium, NYC. February 2016

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“the simple act of keeping faith – for me the more personal, active and necessary practice than the passive, ex-personal placement of hope – amidst loss, loneliness and the sanitization of violent legacies by profiteering systems sang forth a delicate invitation to live within the intimacies of an early dew.” Harmonic Convergences at La MaMa Moves! by Maura Donahue for Culturebot

Read my writing published on Culturebot about Hadar’s 2019 work The Dances are for Us. This witnessing of our independent works has also fed our collaboration.

Photos: Longwood, Florida 1996 (top) and Queens College 1949 (bottom); courtesy of artists